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League of Legends – Best Solo Queue Jungle Picks For Season 13

Season 13 of League of Legends has touched down after a grueling off-season. With new builds and metas players are still trying to figure out the best picks two patches into the season.

With the off-season changes Riot has done to the jungle, there are a lot of curious players searching for the best strategy and champion pool for ranked success. So, whether you are a seasoned veteran of the role or a new jungle player looking to expand your knowledge – strap in, and let’s get started!

1. Udyr

Ever since his rework Udyr has stood at the top of most rankings for jungle champions. In preparation for Season 13 not much has changed – minor nerfs to his AD Q Max build have been offset by the new tank items that suit Udyr really well.

Excellent clears, good objective control, and great ganks – Udyr is virtually the perfect jungler for season 13. One thing players should keep in mind with him is that his priority warrants a high ban rate – nearly 30%.

If you’re looking for a backup pick or Udyr just isn’t your cup of tea – keep reading! We have 4 more OP junglers for Season 13 of League of Legends.

2. Master Yi

The low elo menace isn’t just a noob stomper anymore – positive win rates across all levels of play have over time brought him into the upper echelon of jungle champions. The new jungle pets (green pet) have been an indirect buff to him, putting a bandage over one of his biggest counters – crowd control.

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So whether you want to chase down and duel every single champion on the enemy team with heaps of attack speed and surprising tankiness or get one-shot pentas with the lethality build – Master Yi has got you covered.

3. Maokai

We can’t leave out the Twisted Treant on a list of the best junglers for season 13 considering we are on the verge of another tank meta. Maokai has slowly but surely crept back into relevancy in the top and support role and the jungle changes have woken players up to his potential there.

Great base damage and a heap ton of crowd control make Maokai into one of the best gankers in the game. In addition, it should come as no surprise that the new tank items are quite favorable to him. That isn’t his only playstyle though – Maokai has seen even greater success in the jungle with a damage-oriented AP bruiser build.

4. Rammus

Coming in at fourth we have Rammus. The Armordillo has always been quite a niche pick used to answer heavy AD team comps but his rework and the new tank items have started to shift that narrative.

Rammus has world-level ganks (starting to notice a pattern?) that allow him to snowball himself and his teammates with ease. In addition, he is great at dealing with fed enemy threats and can peel his carries if need be.

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So what are you waiting for? Go out there on the rift and see for yourself that Rammus has shaken his one-dimensional reputation for the upcoming season.

We know you’re probably tired of hearing about tanks and tank meta so we have something more exciting for our last pick – stay tuned!

5. Elise

The Spider Queen is the epitome of high-tempo jungling. Sporting a scorching 53% win rate and healthy pick and ban rates Elise is one of the best picks if you want to solo carry your team to victory in the upcoming season. The current state of the jungle and AP items doesn’t hurt Elise either.

Like other solo carry champions Elise is high risk – high reward which should come as no surprise as she is notorious for falling off mid to late game if not ahead. Don’t let that discourage you from picking her up though – she is absolutely tearing up the rift currently.


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