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LCS Spring Split 2022 Full Team Rosters

LCS Spring Split 2022 rosters

The LCS Spring Split 2022 starts next Saturday and the upcoming season comes bearing surprises for all teams as their full rosters get revealed. After one intense off-season, all LCS teams are ready to dive into competitive League of Legends.

This is no ordinary LCS split. During the regular season of the LCS Spring, we’ll see Bwipo having his first split in America, Bjergsen coming back to competitive play and PowerofEvil & WildTurtle start their next adventure with Immortals. Will this be the year where the LCS will be able to fight back against the LCK and the LPL at the Mid Season Invitational and Worlds? Let’s take a look at the full team rosters for all the LCS Spring Split 2022 teams.

LCS Spring Split 2022 Team Rosters

100 Thieves

Top Ssumday
Jungle Closer
Mid Abbedagge
Supp huhi


Cloud 9 

Top Summit
Jungle Blaber
Mid Fudge
ADC Berserker
Supp Winsome
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Top Jenkins
Jungle Contractz
Mid Palafox
ADC Luger
Supp Poome



Top FakeGod
Jungle River
Mid Blue
Supp Biofrost


Evil Geniuses

Top Impact
Jungle Inspired
Mid jojopyun
ADC Danny
Supp Vulcan



Top Kumo
Jungle Josedeodo
Mid toucouille
ADC Johnsun
Supp aphromoo


Golden Guardian

Top Licorice
Jungle Pridestalkr
Mid Ablazeolive
ADC Lost
Supp Olleh



Top Revenge
Jungle Xerxe
Mid PowerOfEvil
ADC WildTurtle
Supp Destiny


Team Liquid

Top Bwipo
Jungle Santorin
Mid Bjergsen
ADC Hans sama
Supp CoreJJ



Top V1per
Jungle Hyper
Mid Takeover
ADC Instinct
Supp Yursan


The new LCS split starts on Saturday January 15th and during the day, you’ll see the following matches:

TSM vs 100 Thieves

Golden Guardians vs Cloud 9

TSM vs Flyquest

Golden Guardian vs 100 Thieves

Flyquest vs Cloud 9

Team Liquid vs Dignitas


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