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Karmine Corp To Host Events In Its Own Arena “Les Arenes” Starting Next Year

karmine corp les arenes arena

When it comes to LoL Esports, there are only a handful of teams that manage to create a buzz around their names and elevate the industry every year. Apart from a select few like T1 and G2 Esports, there is one Europe ERL team that brushes elbows with the giants and potentially even overpowers them at times. KCorp, the LFL powerhouse and winner of the EMEA Masters Summer 2023, is the organization in question. Now, we find out that Karmine Corp is ready to host events in its own arena in Paris, the “Les Arenes” starting next year.

The announcement comes from KCX3, Karmine’s own live event to celebrate the organization’s victories and announce their next steps. Leaving out the announcements for the time being, the event itself sets the bar for any other team event in the future. In a packed 28,000-seat stadium, with KCorp’s fans being completely in tune with the mood, the organization is breaking all EU records. In comparison, the LEC Season Finals had a full house of 14.000 people in the Sud de France arena in Montpellier.

The event itself held a bunch of announcements for the organization, with the biggest, however, being that Karmine Corp will host its events in its own Arena starting next year, the currently being remodeled “Les Arenes”.

Located in the Grand Paris Sud, the Les Arenes arena will be able to seat 3,000 people and its strategic partnership with Karmine Corp will allow esports to grow in the region. The president of the Grand Paris Sud agglomeration says:

Welcoming the Karmine Corp, the best team in the world, to the Arena Hall is obvious for our territory. By making the Arena the first public venue in France to host an internationally renowned esports team, we are proving that our territories must and can support societal transformations. This partnership beautifully confirms our proactive policy for a learning sport, particularly around e-playing skills. – Michel Bisson, president of the Grand Paris Sud agglomeration

Apart from this announcement, KCorp announced that they’ll be hosting a show match against T1 this winter, the renewal of their main sponsor Orange as well as them being close to joining the LEC. In addition, the organization will create a new initiative that will allow players of 17-yo and under to expand their talent.

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