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Karmine Corp Annihilate The Wildcats In EMEA Masters & Move To Semifinals

emea masters karmine corp semifinals

What a great day for France yesterday was with both Karmine Corp and Team GO winning their best-of-5 matches and moving on to the EMEA Masters semifinals. For KCorp the quarterfinals were nothing more than an unnecessary evil. Although many believed their match against the DenizBank Instabul Wildcats to be a taste of grand finals, KCorp expressed complete dominance in a quick 3-0 against their opponents.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that KCorp managed to take an easy win against the Wildcats as the amount of synergy in this team is impeccable. Many fans were quick to point out the unconventional team comps the French team brought to the table. However, it was all with the best results.

For the first match, Karmin Corp brought forward the Neeko which was mainly overlooked during the EMEA Masters. Both SAKEN and Cabochard managed to get ahead of their opponents pretty early, ultimately giving the lead to the whole team in the mid-game.

In the second draft, KC surprised everyone with a much-discussed Nilah Senna combo in the bot lane. Many would have deemed this duo a troll. However, Targamas and Caliste showed the EMEA Masters fandom that they can win with practically anything.

Moving on to the match point, in a quick 30-minute match KC took the win again closing down the series without having to go to much lengths in terms of teamfighting and objective taking.  This officially brings Karmine Corp to the EMEA Masters semifinals.

Undeniably, KC is yet another year the favorite for the EMEA Masters throne. Nevertheless, they have yet another mountain to climb and this time the situation is national. KC will go against Team GO in the semifinals, bringing only one French team to the grand finals. Stay tuned for the upcoming matches:

Thursday – Movistar Riders vs Macko Esports

Friday: Karmine Corp vs Team GO

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