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K/DA New Video for DRUM GO DUM Released

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K/DA have “just released” a brand new video clip for DRUM GO DUM. The song is one of the hits available in the All Out single from K/DA and is the second concept video to release after Evelynn’s Villain.

The DRUM GO DUM video shows Bailey Sok performing a powerful choreography which compliments K/DA excellent. The video was uploaded on the official League of Legends Youtube channel.


Love to do just what I want

Do it when you say I won’t

Now come and watch me move it

I promise imma make you lose it


Looking at me

Naw come get it

Like what you see then you got good vision

Boy this beat

Hit so different

Let me show you what you been missing


If you love to party

Then the parties in the place

Got the boom

Got the bass

Imma shake it in your face

Yeah I love to party

And I love to make it rain

Got the boom

Got the bang

You can take that to the bank


Going dum


Watch the drum go dum


I just wanna be free

Ain’t no way you stopping me

Said I wanted to fly So I went and got some wings

And I don’t

Don’t need you

To act like you gone hold me down

Cause I won’t

Believe you

No one can touch me now


Feeling like I run it

Checked my pulse over 100

Got no peak

I got no summit

I’m not average

I don’t sum it

That’s from sun up

And from sun down

Shining like the sun out

Think you mirror image

But you looking like a fun house


Going going yeah

Going yeah yeah

Going going yeah

Going dum du dee dum dum…


Watch the drum go

Bang bang bang boom…


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