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League of Legends

Immortal Journey Skins Hit League of Legends PBE – Include Zeri, Zed & More

A brand new set of skins has just hit the PBE, featuring a thematic that we hoped would return at some point. Immortal Journey is no stranger to League of Legends. First revealed in 2019, this skin line follows eastern aesthetics with serene sounds and peaceful colors. Since then, Irelia, Morgana, Nami, and more champions have gotten their own Immortal Journey skins in League of Legends and the list is about to get a lot bigger.

Riot Games has just released a new clip on social media, with the help of Skin Spotlights, showcasing the brand-new skins for the Immortal Journey skin collection. The champions that are getting their skins this year are:

  • Zeri
  • Soraka
  • Sona
  • Zed
  • Shyvana
  • Kayle

In addition to those, Sona will also get a Prestige version of her skin, granting her a spot in the Prestige skinline as well.

Interestingly enough, Shyvana is getting a skin after what feels like an eternity ago. Her last skin was Ruined Shyvana back in 2021. We can’t help but get excited about her return to the cosmetic wars. It also comes as a surprise that both Sona and Soraka find themselves in this list. Especially after Nami got hers in the previous skin line releases. This makes the support role a prominent contender for a place in this specific thematic.

The Immortal Journey skins will launch on the live servers in League of Legends  patch 13.16 which is set to release on August 16th. As for patch 13.15, it will too host a new prestige skin, this time around for Soul Fighter Shaco.

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