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“I am an artist with a sword, in more ways than one” – Which Champion Says This in LoL?

champion lol quote

In the latest Loldle challenge, we find the quote “I am an artist with a sword, in more ways than one” in the quote puzzle. Which champion says “I am an artist with a sword, in more ways than one” in LoL? We have a lot of sword users in the game but one is as arrogant as to claim that they’re an artist.

The correct answer is Fiora, the Demacian swordmaster. It’s pretty easy to figure out it’s her even without using the voice.

Fiora i am a master with the sword quote champion lol


The answer to today’s classic quiz has the following clues:

Gender: Male

Position: Jungle

Species: Human

Resource: Mana

Range Type: Ranged

Region: Bilgewater

Release Year: 2011

It took me personally a while to remember which champion is a ranged male jungle champion from back in 2011 since we don’t see Graves enough in League of Legends. However, this is our correct answer.

Once more, in the ability challenge, we see a head and it’s not hard to guess whose it is, even in hardcore mode. The answer is Sion. As for the spell correspondence, it is his E ability.

For the emoji challenge today we can clearly see that the answer is Gwen as the clues are pretty obvious.

Last but not least, we find the splash art puzzle. This time around, we can see that the skin is most possibly a Star Guardian one. Zooming out, we can see a griff0n in there too. So, the correct answer is Quinn, as she’s the only one with a winged pet.

This marks all the answers to today’s puzzles. Check back tomorrow for the next bundle of Loldle challenges.

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