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League of Legends

How to Win More ARAM Games

how to win more aram games

ARAM is considered a “fun” game mode by many people but there’s also a big set of players that take it seriously and try their hardest to win. However, how do you win more games in ARAM without having to struggle in each one? Keep reading to learn about the keys to maximize your win rate on ARAM.

Picking your Champion

Selecting your champion is a crucial part of the game. If your team ends up with all ADCs or all tanks, your chances of winning drop big time. The trick to being unbeatable? A balanced team!

Each player gets 1 or 2 chances to reroll and get another champion. This is great because it means more options for everyone on your team, so it’s a good idea to reroll at least once. 

You can up your game by picking a champion who does really well in ARAM. Some champions win a huge percentage of their games, while others do not. To get the scoop on this, check out ARAM Zone. It’s a cool site with a list of all champions and how often they win in ARAM along with the right items to build on each champion.

A perfect team usually has one tank, one ADC, one AP carry (like a mage), and a support role that can either be more about engaging or shielding. The last pick is up to you. Just remember to keep a mix of AD and AP damage in your team. This stops the enemy team from easily figuring out how to beat you. After that, how do you manage to win more ARAM games?

The Early Game

One aspect of the early ARAM game that often gets overlooked, but is super crucial, is who gets to push the minion wave first. This gives the team a big advantage for a few reasons. Firstly, your tower stays safe while the minions chip away at the enemy’s, getting you closer to your goal of destroying them. Secondly, when your minions are in front, they can protect you and make it easier for you to land your spells on the enemy. Thirdly, taking the lead in the push race gives you control over the bushes. This means you can deal damage from a secure position, using the bushes as your cover.

Also, let’s not forget about leveling up. Taking down minions gives you experience. The first team to reach level 6 gets to use their ultimate abilities, which can be game-changers, especially if the opponent is still on level 5. Plus, you can heal from the enemy’s relic and might even stop them from doing the same. This means you stay stronger while they’re stuck trying to farm minions and dodge skill shots under their tower. So yeah, pushing that minion wave first? A bigger deal than you thought!

The Mid and Late Game

As ARAM games progress, they tend to get a bit wild with numerous uneven battles. Death timers start to become longer and unavoidable clashes result in many 3v4 or 2v4 scenarios. A poorly timed death late in the game can put your team at a disadvantage in a crucial 4v5 fight, so it’s essential to tread carefully, particularly when a single fight could potentially end the game.

Maintaining a consistent push becomes critical during this phase. If your team loses a fight near the enemy’s inhibitor, they’re unlikely to be able to retaliate by taking out your towers or your own inhibitor before your team revives. However, if you suffer a loss close to your own inhibitor, the game might slip away, especially if the enemy team has champions that excel at demolishing towers like Tristana or Ziggs.

ARAM Tactics

There are a few things about ARAM that are unique and sets it apart from the regular Summoner Rift game. These are basically the answer on how to win more ARAM games.

One major difference is that you can only return to the base to heal and buy items when you die. This implies that using important spells like Flash when you’re low on health could be a waste, as you’re likely to die from random poke, wasting the spell. On the other hand, if you’re playing a safe champion like enchanter supports like Janna or certain artillery mages like Xerath, you might not die for quite a while. Despite having a good score, you may be at a disadvantage with fewer or worse items than your opponent. In such cases, consider letting a tower take you out so you can buy items and maintain your strong position.

Another unique feature in ARAM is the extra summoner spell called Mark. This spell throws a snowball, damaging and revealing any enemy it hits. You can then reactivate it to dash towards the enemy. This makes Mark useful for champions who struggle to stick to their targets. It’s a must-have for most melee champions like Malphite and even some ranged ones like Karthus who benefit from close-range combat.

Lastly, the best build for many champions in ARAM differs from their optimal build in Summoner Rift. For instance, Kog’Maw performs exceptionally well with an AP build for his long-range poke. The Dark Harvest keystone is a strong choice in ARAM for many champions due to the constant fighting and chances to trigger it from the early game. For detailed alternative builds for all champions, ARAM Zone is a great resource to find exciting builds and see what works best.

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