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Wild Rift

How To Level Up Your Familiars In Wild Rift Star Guardian Event

Familiars Wild Rift Star Guardian

The new Star Guardian event is available now in Wild Rift and, in a first glance, it might seem overwhelming to figure out what to do with the Star Map. The event focuses on creating a party and navigating the map, fighting Forces of Chaos on your way and leveling up your familiars. How do you level up your familiars though in the Star Guardian event in Wild Rift? Let’s take a deep look.

To level up your familiars, you need Star Candies. Those candies can be acquired by playing the game. Check out below to see how many you get in each mode:

Complete a Normal or Ranked Match 10
Complete an ARAM match 7
Complete a Co-op Vs. AI match 5


Apart from those, there are several nodes on the Star map that include reading a comic on Star Guardians. Those can earn some candies too. More specifically:

(00:00 UTC)
1 7/15 10
2 7/15 10
3 7/15 10
4 7/29 50
5 8/05 100


Now that you know how to get resources for your familiars, let’s see how you can use them.

What you want to do at first is go to the Star Guardian Event Page and navigate to the Familiars tab. You will see a list of familiars that correspond to Star Guardians that you are using in your party. Choose the familiar you want to level up and then select how much candy you want to give it. Hit the submit button and, ready, set go!

Note that not all levels require the same amount of candies. To put that into perspective, here’s how many Star Candies you need in order to fully level up a familiar:

1 0
2 20
3 50
4 80
5 100


The event is live now and will be running until August 11, 2022. You have until then to level up your familiars in Star Guardian Wild Rift. Note that each week there will be new content, dialogues, battles and comics to engage with in Wild Rift so make sure to come back to the game frequently to see what you missed.


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