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League of Legends

How To Earn Master Level 6 & 7 Tokens In LoL ARAM

mastery tokens aram

Did you know that you can start leveling up your champions in LoL right now? After the introduction of update 13.5, you can earn mastery tokens level 6 & 7 while playing ARAM if you reach the requirements. What do you need to do in order to earn those mastery tokens?

Level 6 Mastery Tokens – ARAM

Earn S-, S, S+ mastery in a game of ARAM with a champion of Mastery 5.

Level 7 Mastery Tokens – ARAM

Earn S, S+ mastery in a game of ARAM with a champion of Mastery 6.

It’s always nice to see Riot Games giving some love to ARAM, considering the number of players that choose Howling Abyss as their designated everyday map. Let’s not forget that ARAM players tend to have an incredible number of Mastery 5 champions, given the mode’s random champion select.

While you grind for those hard-earned mastery tokens, don’t forget the challenges that contribute to your overall challenge ranking. ARAM has a bunch of dedicated challenges to complete. Some are:

  • Deal more than 1800 Damage Per Minute in ARAM games
  • Go Legendary in ARAM games
  • Kill opponents who recently received a health pack in ARAM
  • Kill enemies near one of their own turrets in ARAM
  • Deal 40% or more of your team’s damage to champions in ARAM
  • Hit skillshots (ranged untargeted abilities) on champions in ARAM
  • Dodge skillshots (ranged untargeted abilities) in ARAM
  • Hit snowballs on champions in ARAM
  • Cause a Poro to explode in ARAM
  • Earn an S- grade or higher on different champions in ARAM
  • Earn S grades or higher in ARAM

It will be interesting to see how Riot’s developers will change the recently added rumble mechanic that caused some mixed feelings within the community. Riot Games intends to either adjust the rumble or remove it altogether sometime in the near future.

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