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GenG Is The Champion of LCK Finals For Summer 2023 With A Shocking 3-0 Score

lck summer 2023 finals geng

The LCK Summer Split 2023 managed ta capture everyone’s attention during the past weeks partly due to its high-stakes matches and due to the absence of Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok due to an injury before playoffs. In the end, T1 managed to reach the finals against this split’s powerhouse GenG. During the finals, GenG showed utter dominance against their opponents and claimed the champion title in the LCK Summer 2023 Finals.

During the LCK Summer 2023 Finals, GenG managed to win all games against T1, with Peyz’s Zeri dominating the first two games. In the third game and what seemed like T1’s last chance to bring the series around, we saw Peyz locking in the Nilah, which is a pick that usually goes unnoticed in the esports scene. Alongside Chovy’s K’Sante pick in the mid-lane, GenG managed to close off the series early with a quick 3-0 in the LCK summer 2023 finals.

However, this doesn’t mean that T1 is left with a sour taste since both teams qualify for Worlds 2023 Swiss stage. Despite the low final quality, T1 still has a lot of time to practice and get stronger after Faker’s return in order to once more reach the Worlds’ big stage.

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