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G2 Esports Prove Once More They’re Europe’s Best Hope In Worlds 2023


LEC Summer 2023 and the Season Finals are officially over, making G2 Esports, once more, the best team in Europe. After a crazy year with teams reaching the top like BDS, Fnatic, and MAD Lions, the “black and reds” prevail once more as Europe’s sweetheart. Obviously, G2 Esports and their performance in the Rift proves once more that they are going strong to Worlds 2023.

The Fnatic vs. MAD Lions semifinals left us hanging for more, that’s for sure. All the constant fighting, flashy plays, and extensive sieging set the stage for a banger final best-of-5. However, Fnatic didn’t manage to show much resistance against the summer split winners.

In case you missed the grand finals in Montpellier, you probably missed some of the best K’Sante outplays we’ve seen this year by G2 Esports’ top laner, Brokenblade. Also, you missed Yike’s engages with Rell in the jungle. In addition, you missed Hans Sama proving why he is the best marksman in Europe right now. Caps, as stable as ever managed to not let his opponent Humanoid get a rest in any of the games. Last but not least, MikyX, always a team rock let the fights with his Rakan and a surprise Lissandra.

For what it’s worth, all three season finals teams are going to Worlds with the winners being the 1st seed, Fnatic the 2nd, and MAD Lions the 3rd while BDS will be joining the rest of the play-in teams for a spot in the main event. With such a performance, the LEC Winner, G2 Esports sure is a strong contestant for the Worlds 2023 playoffs. The League of Legends World championship is still a month from its start. However, it’s never to early to start getting hype about the world’s best players brawling it out on the Rift.

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