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“Follow my blade” – Which Champion Says This in LoL?

Follow my blade champion lol

When it comes to blades, there are some League of Legends champions that are super iconic. Yasuo, Fiora, Yone, and Aatrox are only a few of the roster’s blade power. However, there is one champion that prompts you to follow his blade, a man of many wars and battles. Do you know which champion uses the voice line “Follow my blade” in LoL? Let’s find out.

In the latest Loldle challenge, the quote category features the voice line “Follow my blade” prompting you to find out which champion says this in LoL. The correct answer for this puzzle is Tryndamere the Barbarian King.


The answer to today’s classic quiz has the following clues:

Gender: Female

Position: Top

Species: Human, Magically Altered

Resource: Mana

Range Type: Melee

Region: Camavor, Shadow Isles

Release Year: 2021

Do you remember which newly released champion is a female and goes straight to the top lane? Of course, it’s Gwen with her playstyle creating even more room for skilled matchups in the baron lane.

The ability challenge is an easy one today, showing a ram that is easily connected to Braum and his Q ability.

Next up, we have our Emoji challenge this time showing emojis of a dog and a farmer. This is a rather funny puzzle as the answer is Nasus.

Last but not least, the splash art challenge shows us a skin that we might all have so it’s hard to miss. If you zoom out after a few wrong tries, you will see the that the correct answer is Alistar and his Unchained Alistar skin.

This marks all the answers to today’s puzzles. Check back tomorrow for the next bundle of Loldle challenges.

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