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“First light approaches” – Which Champion Says That In LoL?

The latest Loldle quiz is now available, offering League of Legends fans a daily challenge on their game knowledge. In the quote category, we find the line “First light approaches” which is one that is a little bit easier to guess than some of the previous ones. Which champion in LoL has the voice line “First light approaches”?

As some support lovers might already have guessed, the LoL champion that says “First light approaches” is Leona, the Radiant Dawn. This voice line is one of her moving lines and follows the same vibe as her “The dawn has arrived” one. Leona is the Embodiment of the sun and her constellation name is The Golden Sister so it only makes sense that her voice line will be similar to her “sun” persona.


For the classic challenge, we find the following tips:

Gender: Female

Position: Bottom

Species: Human

Resource: Mana

Range Type: Ranged

Region: Noxus, Shurima

Release Year: 2020

And the answer to that question is Samira.

The ability puzzle is an easy one this time, as it is clearly Warwick’s Q.

As for the splash art, this one is yet another easy one, as the picture zooms right in on her face and it is PROJECT: Irelia.

Check back tomorrow for the next batch of Loldle quiz answers.

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