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Riot Forge

Everything We Know So Far About Riot Forge’s Mageseeker

Riot Forge Mageseeker

It was only a couple of days ago that Riot Forge announced the release of a brand new game in the world of Runeterra, an action RPG following Sylas, named Mageseeker. Mageseeker is set to release this Spring, which means that we’ll get our hands on it in a few months. Developed by Digital Sun, the studio behind the indie sensation Moonlighter, we know for sure that Mageseeker won’t be a miss.

There’s still so much we don’t know about Mageseeker, although we can for sure say that its pixel art combined with Digital Sun’s expertise in enticing gameplay will be a perfect combo. The game has a website set up, which currently only includes pixel art of Sylas along with a contact form for future news. However, we know that it releases this Spring for PC and consoles. This will most likely include Nintendo Switch too as Digital Sun is no rookie when it comes to Nintendo’s handheld console.

In terms of gameplay, Mageseeker includes boss fights, as we see from a specific GIF through Riot Forge’s Twitter page and Sylas will have his own set of skills. Although many were quick to say that it will most likely be a roguelike title, the publisher made clear that it’s an Action RPG. We’ve also seen the team posting an image of Sylas along with Will, the main protagonist from Moonlighter, hinting at some correlation between the games or just a handshake between the developer’s two projects.

In a new trailer released by Riot Forge, we see glimpses of gameplay for all three soon-to-release titles (Song of Nunu, CONVERGENCE, Mageseeker). Fans were quick to say that Mageseeker might be a roguelike game finding Sylas trying to escape the Demacian prison again and again, something we’ve seen successfully being done by games like Hades and Dead Cells in the past.

Apart from Mageseeker, which releases in Spring 2023, CONVERGENCE releases in Summer 2023 and Song of Nunu comes in Fall 2023. It will be interesting to see how those games will manage to stand tall and look the success of The Ruined King straight in the eye.

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