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“Eureka!” – Which Champion Uses This Voice Line in LoL?


What a beautiful day for inventions, contraptions, and… turrets. Today, the Loldle Daily Challenge features a voice line that we’ve heard a lot. Do you know which LoL champion uses the voice line “Eureka”?

As you might have already noticed, we are looking for an inventor, someone who has their hands dipped in deep into science. It could be Viktor, it could be Singed. However, it’s another LoL champion that uses the quote “Eureka” and it’s Heimerdinger.



The answer to today’s Loldle classic quiz has the following clues:

Gender: Female

Position: Bottom

Species: Human

Resource: Mana

Range Type: Ranged

Region: Bilgewater

Release Year: 2010

Although League of Legends had a few marksmen in its starting years, there is only one female bottom laner from Bilgewater that was released back in 2010. As a result, the answer is Miss Fortune.

Secondly, in the ability challenge, we see a passive ability. In this case, it is Sivir’s passive Fleet of Foot.

Moving on to the emoji puzzle, this one is pretty obvious early on. You see rollerskates and there’s only one champion that we know uses some type of rollerblade. The answer is Zeri.

Last but not least, in the splash art challenge we see a Star Guardian skin. In this case, the skin belongs to Taliyah, who joined the Star Guardian team last year during the newest thematic event. For what it’s worth, we can’t wait for the next Star Guardian event to release.

This marks all the answers to today’s puzzles. Check back tomorrow for the next bundle of Loldle challenges.

For more news about League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, updates, and upcoming events, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.

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