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C9 Goes Forward With Roster Change Trialing EMENES For The Main Team

emenes c9 roster changes

EMENES will trial alongside the main C9 roster, subbing Diplex. The official Cloud9 League of Legends account shared the roster changes via Twitter.

Starting tomorrow, Minsu “EMENES” Jang will begin trialing with the LCS roster as the team’s starting mid laner. EMENES has been playing exceptionally well and has earned the opportunity to an LCS trial. Dimitri “Diplex” Ponomarev will be subbing in for our Challengers roster for the time being, including in our next upcoming match.”

The news shouldn’t be that surprising to fans that follow C9 and their academy team. If anything, the roster change was deemed inevitable. Although some people are questioning the timing considering C9 just came off a 3-0 week.

cloud 9 spring split 2023 roster changes

Dimitri “Diplex” Ponomarev was brought in as an import with hopes of improving the team on the international scene. Nevertheless, he has looked like the weakest link on the roster. The player slotting in for “Diplex” is rather exciting, to say the least.

Minsu “EMENES” Jang is a South Korean import that has been with Cloud9 since November last year. In addition to his insane stats in the academy league “EMENES” is also a former Rank 1 player on the Korean ladder. The 22-year-old prodigy has had a rocky past when it comes to finding a long-term team. Despite his mechanical prowess and raw talent, he has been kicked out of numerous teams ( LCK, ERL, OCE, and others) due to complaints about rampant toxicity.

cloud 9 spring split 2023 roster changes

Excel Esports benched Minsu “EMENES” Jang in July last year due to his behavior

Excel Esports COO Tim Reicher had this to say on the matter:

“We really tried a lot for more than one split to make it work, because we do think he’s an extraordinarily strong player, from just raw skill he is easily a LEC or LCS player. We actually brought Emenes to Berlin because we felt maybe in that environment it would work better. But in that last game where he just ran it down, it was a bit of, enough is enough.”

“Maybe if all four other players had a different personality, it might’ve worked. But if all four plus coaches cannot continue like that, then there’s something wrong. And as an organization, you also have a responsibility for the rest of the team to have them in a healthy environment.”

Extremely talented and toxic midlaners aren’t new to C9

A prime example is Incarnati0n, also known as Jensen who was banned in 2013 due to toxicity and DDOS attacks against other online competitors. If there is an organization that can tame, mature, and integrate players of this mold it’s Cloud9. Being tied for second in the LCS standings and slotting in a more aggressive midlaner before the playoffs makes C9 a must-watch pro-League of Legends.

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