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Teamfight Tactics

Best TFT Hyper Roll Comps To Try Out For Easy Wins

TFT Hyper Roll Comps

The brand new Hyper Roll mode in Teamfight Tactics brings must needed “chill” between ranked games and gives players an excellent way to try out the new set units before heading into ranked play. This most likely has taken the spotlight off normal play for weekly quests and testing, as the mode is much faster and easier to get in and out. Today, we’re looking into the best and easiest comps to try out in the new TFT Hyper Roll mode.

Best TFT Hyper Roll Comps

What makes the comps below both viable and easy is the fact that we focus on one origin or class while trying to add more fluff by creating more combos. In addition, you’ll find that having one specific trait to focus on will make it easier to focus during Hyper Roll while the mode goes fast and heavy.


6 Forgotten 2 Assassins


This is a fast reroll comp that relies mostly on Vayne as a carry up until the point you manage to find a Viego. Your goal will be to gather as many forgotten units as possible and take them up to 3* star to gain superiority above other players.

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For items, you’ll want to start with Runaan’s and Rageblade for Vayne as this will trigger her passive easier. In addition, make sure to add items to your Katarina. As soon as you find a Viego, give him some defensive items and watch your Forgotten team march to victory.


4 Dragonslayer 6 Skirmishers


This is not as much of a fast builder as it is a solid rock when it comes to Hyper Roll. Skirmishers might not be the number 1 comp right now but it’s a stable winner that can never go wrong. Start off with an Udyr and some 1st tier units until you can get your first skirmishers. This will take a few rounds as the most Skirmishers can be found after level 4-5. Then, go nuts in rerolling for Skirmishers and don’t forget to get Mordekaiser and Diana to complete the Dragonslayer trait as well.

See Comp details here.




Yet another fast reroll comp. Hellions have superiority over other comps, almost as much as Forgottens. With 3 easy-to-get first and second-tier champions, you’ll easily form a strong combo so that you can keep your precious points safe. Add one Morgana and One Kindred to give your Hellions some magic resist and then watch the magic unfold. As for items, Ziggs will be your main carry, equipped with damage items. Also, try and give your Kled and Poppy some tankiness and-or attack damage to peel off your enemies easier.

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See Comp details here.





Dawnbringers will always be a good choice in Hyper Roll since this comp is not easy to nuke due to its passive. Start out by getting 4 Dawnbringers and add some fluff. That can be Ironclad and Knights or Coven. Take your pick, both are pretty great. Move up to 6 Dawnbringers and continue adding fluff for your selected secondary traits until you win!

See Comp details here.





This might not be an easy-to-build comp but has so much damage potential that would be unfair not to mention. Basically, you’ll focus on getting the Redeemed combo to 6 and then build your Velkoz with Shojin, Gauntlet and Infinity Edge. Also, remember to build Kayle as she will be the peeler for late-game duels.

See comp here.


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