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Best Supports For Caitlyn Ad Carry

Caitlyn best supports

Looking for the best supports to accompany Caitlyn into the bot lane? If keeping up with the meta seems a bit tedious for your taste, check out our best support picks for the Sherif of Piltover in the list below. Big CC, gap closers and heavy damage is the key in this bot lane combo.


Lux is a versatile support for Caitlyn since she has both high damage, shields and CC. In fact, Caitlyn and Lux can chain CC the opponent AD Carry while playing it safe from afar. Use your positioning to your advantage and deal burst damage to clear the lane to gain the advantage before the mid-game.

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Not all combos with Caitlyn have to be strong hitting mages. Leona is a great support option for all AD Carries. Caitlyn is no exception and, in fact, she benefits even more from having Leona by her side since she can keep her distance while still dealing tons of damage thanks to her support’s stuns.

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Blitzcrank is an excellent gap closer that can help Caitlyn use her kit to the maximum. His grabs are the only thing Caitlyn needs to close the gap between her and the enemy AD Carry without risking falling into enemy hands.

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Much like Lux, Morgana has high CC output and she can be lethal in the lane with her roots and AOE damage. In addition, her spell shield is one of the best support mechanics in the game, providing her AD Carry with much-needed survivability against burst supports.

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Thresh is yet another excellent gap closer for your AD Carry and he kit enables Caitlyn in ways an AD Carry always needs but never takes for granted. His hook and lantern give Caitlyn better view on the enemies so that she can deal some high damage numbers fast and easy.

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