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League of Legends

Bard Huge LoL Passive & W Changes Could Make Him A Star

Bard passive changes lol

Rejoice Bard enjoyers! League of Legends update 13.18 might be the time that the Wandering Caretaker will roam into your games again. According to the latest news, Bard will be receiving some major passive and W changes in the LoL 13.18 patch.

According to Riot Yelough via Twitter, Bard is getting some QoL changes in order to make him more suitable in his roaming support role. Truth be told, these changes feel more like straight up buffs than quality of life changes, but we love them either way. Let’s see the changes in depth.

Bard Passive Changes – 13.18 Update

P – Traveler’s Call
  • Out-of-combat movement speed from chime collection
    • Stack Maximum: 5 -> 10
    • Stack Duration: 7 -> 20

What we are looking for here is a better way for Bard to roam and gain some momentum in ganking lanes. Basically, he can now get 10 stacks of movement speed while gathering stacks and the duration of the buff is also getting larger by 13 whole seconds. In detail, Bard can now wait for at least 10 chimes to spawn into an area and then gather them all in a speedrun fashion, gank another lane and be back in lane or reset in record time.


Bard W Changes – 13.18 Update

W – Caretaker’s Shrine
  • Spell now uses charges – 2 Max
  • Cooldown / Ammo Time: 14 -> 18
  • Shrine Charge Time to Full Heal: 10 -> 5
  • Shrine Movement Speed: 30% decaying over 1.5 seconds -> 20% +2.5% per rank

What’s important to note in this buff is that Bard’s W is getting 2 charges that can be used consequently. In addition, the charge time is getting shorter by 5 seconds meaning that he will be better at clutch healing, especially in later phases of the game. In comparison to healers like Soraka and Sona, Bard struggles in healing his teammates consistently, so this update will make him true to his support role while giving other lanes some much-needed healing to use whenever they want while roaming for chimes.

League of Legends update 13.18 releases on September 13th and it comes with a brand new TFT mid-set and the new champion Briar.

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