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League of Legends is all about climbing the ranks. Apart from the classic ranked play though, players seem particularly interested in leveling up in order to get the rewards. In specific milestones in League of Legends, you get level borders that make your profile image unique and adds flare to your loading screen page.

A user on Youtube, FatDai, has compiled a list of all Level Borders in League of Legends. In  his video, you can see all borders from level 1 to level 500. Note, that after level 500 you can no longer earn new borders but will get a gemstone for each 50 levels you complete. As it seems, there are infinite levels to complete at this point.

So how can you earn level borders faster? The quick way is to get exp boosters from the in-client store. However, this is more of a buyer solution. League of Legends is primarily free-to-play and getting exp boosts won’t get you as far as you want. However, if you choose to go that way, you can try the lane bundles which are 5 in total (one for each lane) and include champions, skins and a hefty exp boost.

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If you insist on going free-to-play, your best bet is to go on and play. Every day, you get a daily win which gives you a big amount of experience. Even if you don’t have the time to play a game, do a quick co-op vs AI game. This will complete the quest and get your level. The more you level up, the more games you’ll need to complete but that’s a price that all lol players have to pay. Win as much as possible, play with premades and go in TFT to win exp easier and faster.

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Source: Youtube

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