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Riot Games is introducing a variety of new content as well as changes to existing champions and skins in the next weeks. One of the small changes that will change a lot in the long run is the VFX updates on Ahri and Udyr, which are live on PBE right now.

The VFX updates on Ahri and Udyr might seem insignificant but they do change a lot in-game. For Ahri, the update tweaks the way her spells look on the skins below:

  • Classic Ahri
  • Dynasty Ahri 
  • Midnight Ahri 
  • Foxfire Ahri 
  • Popstar Ahri 
  • Challenger Ahri
  • Academy Ahri 
  • Arcade Ahri 
  • Star Guardian Ahri 
  • K/DA Ahri 
  • Prestige K/DA Ahri 
  • Elderwood Ahri

The changes include a new model for all her skills with the biggest one being Q. Ahri’s most important skill is getting bigger in model size, meaning that players will find it easier to spot it in the middle of a fight. The same goes for her other skills.

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Udyr is also getting some tweaks on how his skills show up, mostly related to his stance change. The icons for the tiger, turtle, and bear stances are getting a more minimalistic look.

Here are the skins that the VFX update changes:

  • Classic Udyr
  • Black Belt Udyr
  • Primal Udyr
  • Spirit Guard Udyr
  • Definitely Not Udyr

Apart from the said VFX updates, the new PBE build also includes a minor change to Skarner as well as a couple of tweaks to Teamfight Tactics:

Skarner – Crystal Slash (Q)

  • [Added] 30% AP ratio added to tooltip empowered damage

Stay tuned for the League of Legends Spirit Blossom event that will go live soon. The new event includes skins for Thresh, Yasuo, Teemo, and Lillia which will also release in a few days.

Katri is an esports enthusiast and spends most of her free hours playing League, TFT and Legends of Runeterra. Always up for a conversation about the art of video games.