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Adam Sheds Light Over Upset Issue During Worlds As He Is Leaving Fnatic

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Weeks after the unfortunate end of Fnatic’s performance in Worlds 2021 and while fans are waiting to see what the team’s new roster will be, Adam sheds some light into what happened with Upset and the whole Fnatic League of Legends team. According to the toplaner, it’s his decision to leave the team and there’s a couple of reasons why he chose to do so.

Earlier today Adam took to Twitter to announce his departure from Fnatic, shedding some light into what happened with Upset in the meantime. In his tweet, he explains that, more or less, Upset left for family issues without it being an emergency. In addition, he points out that to this day, the team doesn’t know what exactly happened. He says:

 I’m not trying to create any drama, I’m just saying some things that I have in my heart since the end of the Worlds and that are still unanswered, things that had to be said sooner or later.

At that point, the toplaner explains that he thought about leaving the team but it wasn’t until he found out that his teammate Upset tried to bring Perkz and Alphari into Fnatic with the intention of replacing him. As it seems, from Adam’s percepective, the FNC League of Legends team wanted a veteran in their top lane and with Bwipo leaving they were looking for more experienced players.

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In all honesty. during 2021, Adam was a huge factor in Fnatic’s success in the LEC. For what it’s worth, we know that whatever team manages to strike a deal with him might be getting a rookie but the best rookie they could nonetheless. Adam is only 19 and managed to try his luck at Worlds with a decent to good performance. No one can say that he didn’t live up to the expectations. For the time being we’ll just hope that we’ll see him in the LEC in the next split.

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