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“A little smash and grab” – Which Champion Says This in LoL?

lodle quote 31 july

Today’s Loldle quiz is live and if you need any help with its puzzles, we’ve got you covered. Today’s quote puzzle for Loldle is “A little smash and grab” and you might be wondering which champion says this in LoL.

The champion that uses the voice line “A little smash and grab” in LoL is Vi. She says this while attacking so it makes total sense for the “little smash and grab” while using those massive fists of her.


The answer to today’s classic quiz has the following clues:

Gender: Male

Position: Middle, Top

Species: Human, Magically Altered

Resource: Manaless

Range Type: Melee

Region: Ionia

Release Year: 2020

The correct answer for the classic quiz, given the clues mentioned above is Yone.

The ability quiz is a simple one which even the newest players will know and it’s Miss Fortune’s W.

Moving on to the emoji challenge, we find 3 emojis that scream Annie. It’s a girl, a fire and a teddy bear. Way easier than yesterday’s Zac emojis.

The last challenge and undeniably the most difficult one, if you’re not this champion’s enjoyer is Yorick’s Undertaker skin.

This marks all the answers to today’s puzzles. Check back tomorrow for the next batch of Loldle quiz answers.

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